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Dyson DYSON DC63 Turbinehead Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Summary

Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaner DC63 has been engineered to pick up more dust than any other vacuum cleaner. Combining the latest Dyson technology; 2 Tier Radial cyclones, the V4 Dyson digital motor and carbon fibre turbine technology – capturing the unseen dirt that others leave behind. No more dust, microscopic allergens, spores or bacteria.

Model Number: DC63

Key Features 

2 Tier Radial cyclones

DC63 is Dyson’s newest and most advanced machine with 2 Tier Radial cyclones for increased separation efficiency. Dyson cyclone technology generates high centrifugal forces, which spins dirt out of the air, capturing it in the vacuum cleaner bin. On DC63, Dyson engineers have improved Two Tier Radial Cyclone technology by changing the geometry of the cones, creating our most efficient cyclones, able to pick up dirt as small as 0.5 microns, the 1/10th the diameter of a human hair.

The Dyson digital motor

The Dyson Digital Motor V4 sits at the heart of the machine. It spins 3 times faster than a conventional motor, delivering the same power in a smaller package. Seven years in development, the Dyson digital motor V4 is one of the world’s smallest fully- integrated 1150W motors. By integrating its mechanical, electrical and aerodynamic systems, Dyson engineers have created an efficient, power-dense package with a diameter of just 85mm.

Carbon fibre turbine head

Vacuum cleaner heads are key to vacuum cleaners pick up performance. The turbine head works by beating dirt off floors – into the airflow. The turbine head on DC63 has been engineered to pick up even more dust. Ideal for all floor types the Dyson carbon fibre turbine head has stiff nylon bristles to remove dirt from carpets and tatami as well as ultra-fine antistatic carbon fibre filaments which remove fine dust from hard floors.

Two new tools

After observing the cleaning habits of Japanese people, Dyson engineers developed a soft dusting brush and a new reach under tool. The new dusting brush contains increased amount of carbon fibre material to capture the smallest dust particles without damaging delicate furniture. And the new reach under tool makes it easy to suck up crumbs and cobwebs in awkward places. Behind fridges. Under upholstery. In drawers.

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