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Inadays InaTrap GR-330


Product Summary

The beauty of inaTrap lies in its simplicity.

It combines the benefits of long-lasting CCFL UV light with nano-photocatalyst coating technology. With no hazard electric shock, the inaTrap lures and traps mosquitoes by a combination of CCFL UV light, carbon dioxide from photocatalystic reaction and heat from UV light.

  • Carbon dioxide produced by photocatalyst simulates human breath.
  • Wellypower CCFL produces intermittent light to attract mosquitoes.
  • 9cm super fan sucks mosquitoes down into the container. 

Key Features

Ovitrap effectiveness increased by 33%

The brand new third generation inaTrap adopted the panel-level long-lasting CCFL tube and a 9cm large silent fan. The brand new structure design and the transparent curvaceous light ring designed with a glossy rounded body are coordinated with a new style turbine trapping device, which increases the effectiveness of the ovitrap by 33%.

Energy Saving

With the new generation SPS digital control output, the machine consumes only 5W, which means it costs less than NT$10 per month.

Long-lasting Consumable Parts

Inatrap uses the panel-level long-lasting CCFL tube and long-lasting bearing fan. The duration of CCFL tubes is up to 18,000 hours, which is four times longer than the tubes used for general ovitraps. In addition, the duration of the long-lasting bearing fan is two times longer compared with general fans. The screwless buckle design makes DIY replacement of the consumable parts possible.

Versatile Power Input

inaTrap can be connected to electric sources of full voltage (AC 100-240V), 12V car charger or direct use of 15W solar panels. It is equipped with a two-stage LED touch switch combined with a 12-hour timer function, which provides an easy start for users.




Streamline Design

This design is inspired by celadon, a type of ceramics, from the Song Dynasty. The irregular contour from nature draws the body outlines, and the integrated oriental impression merges into the design with implications of purity and harmony, presenting a humble and sincere culture in between the linear movement and blending rigidity and softness to shape the delicate elegance from the indigo glow of the elegant blue.


Screwless Design

The streamlined/screwless design not only makes repair and service easy, but also enables users to replace the consumable parts and recycle the plastic waste.

Transparent UV Light Ring

Transparent and curvaceous light ring designed in a glossy rounded body increases transmittance and reflectance of UV rays by 25% and enhances the effectiveness of the ovitrap.


Trapping Device

The brand new turbine trapping device is designed with a maximum 18° air flow angle, which significantly reduces air resistance and increases mosquito suction to effectively prevent mosquitoes escaping from the fan clearance while the power is off.


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