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  • Energy-saving technology uses Neuro Inverter 3
  • Activated Carbon Filters and ION (-) powerful bactericidal
  • Glass tray bearing 100kg gives you the freedom to store food
  • Vitamin plant technology sunlight simulator fortified for horticulture
  • Product Features
  • Style Cabinets: Prevent ice on
  • Number of doors: 2 doors
  • Overall capacity: 274 liters
  • Capacity use: 274 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 207 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 67 liters
  • Power saving inverter: Inverter Refrigerator
  • Material compartment tray: tray bearing glasses
  • Refrigerator shell material: Plastic powder coated
  • Number of users: 6-7 people (250-350 liters)
  • Power consumption: ~ 0,81kW / day
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 169.3 x 55.5 x 63.5 cm
  • See full specifications sheet

Photo realistic

Tủ lạnh Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V hình 1
Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-VRefrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V

Ergonomic design, luxurious

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V line of refrigerator freezer on the Mitsubishi Electric, not only luxurious design with alloy casing with chrome logo Mitsubishi Electric Surfaced in cabinet doors, there FV32EJ brings the convenience of space suitable for all kitchens.

Energy-saving technology uses Neuro Inverter 3

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V particularly with Neuro Smart Inverter technology with superior 3 utility, which saves energy efficient, bring joy and comfort in your families.

Công nghệ Neuro Inverter

Smart memo habits

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V equippedh neuro-fuzzy controller recognized elements refrigerator temperature changes

(1) The amount of food in the refrigerator large reserves

(2) Remember the habit of using the refrigerator of the members of the family

(3) Recognize the difference in temperature inside and outside the refrigerator (day and night)

Ghi nhớ thói quen thông minh

Automatic temperature control

Neuro-fuzzy automatic control Inverter compressor according to your living habits, to provide cooling to the state and the most cost effective.

When users do not use the fridge regularly (such as at night when everyone was asleep), Neuro system automatically switches to power-saving Eco mode

Before cooking time period, the system will automatically increase cooling capacity to cool efficiently

Tự động điều chỉnh nhiệt độ

Efficiency savings and durability

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V can t iết to 45% energy efficient thanks to the combination of neuro-fuzzy systems and inverter compressor. Radiator fan for compressor also help increase the durability of compressors during use.

When users leave food in the refrigerator, Fuzzy system will check the temperature inside the cabinet and cooling capacity

When the outside temperature increases, cooling capacity will increase to ensure the internal temperature stable

When the outside temperature decrease, the refrigerator will reduce cooling power to save electricity

Tiết kiệm hiệu quả

Glass tray bearing

Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator tray MR-FV32EJ-SL-V can take up to 100kg capacity, not only accommodate more food, glass material also increase the load bearing interior luxury cabinets and makes it easy to clean , toilet.

Khay chứa bằng thủy tinh chịu lực

Activated Carbon Filters and ION (-) bactericidal

Deodorization system with active carbon filter combined with cold air containing negative ions of multidimensional Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V to prevent the growth of bacteria that help the food is always fresh and delicious.

Thực phẩm luôn tươi ngon

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Antimicrobial molecules into silver cabinets and antibacterial rubber buffer

Ag + antibacterial agent on the refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V to prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping the space clean cabinets, longer food preservation. In addition, the antibacterial rubber buffer to 99% thanks to the modern technology of the refrigerator.

Thành tủ kháng khuẩn

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Vitamin Factory

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V uses advanced technology, t hips over orange LEDs, simulate sunlight, vegetables continued photosynthesis keep freshness, while enhancing Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables.

Nhà máy Vitamin ngay bên trong tủ

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We can say, with their tech gadgets, Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV32EJ-SL-V is an option well worth considering if you are in need of a refrigerator to meet large storage needs, the ability to preserve the integrity and safety of the family food.

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