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Panasonic Shower Heater



Product Summary


  • Power Rating: 3.0 kW
  • Voltage Input: 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 450 x 170 x 89 mm
  • Sliding Rail: Aluminum Rail, Soap Tray
  • Temperature Control: Stepless temperature control
  • Heater: Copper Heater Unit
  • Safe Showering Experience
  • AG+ Shower Head


Model Number: DH-3HT1S


Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker
-Automatically cuts off power supply within 0.05 seconds when unit is overloaded or leakage current exceeds 15mA
Prevents electric shock

One Push On/Off Button
-Cuts off both incoming power and water supply
Prevents electric shock and scaling

Insulated Structure
-Internal metal parts are insulated
Eliminates the possibilities of electric shock

Auto Thermal Cut-Off
-Automatically cuts off power supply when water temperature exceeds recommended rating (55°C±3)
Prevents scalding

Water Flow Sensor
-Heater shuts off when water flow goes below recommended rating (0.5l/min)
Prevents over-heating

Manual Reset Thermostat
-Automatically cuts off power supply when Auto Thermal Cut-off did not function and water temperature exceeds recommended rating (75°C±3)
Prevents scalding and fire

Water Splash-Proof Case
-IP25 standard to prevent water from splashing into unit
Prevents electric shock

Copper Heater Unit
-Better durability and safety
Less risk of water leakage

Non-Flammable Material Compliance
-Unit made with self extinguishing, non combustible material
Prevents fire

AG+ Shower Head
-The Silver ion (AG+) affects the metabolism of bacteria and inhibits its growth by 99%. It reduces the need for frequent cleaning and offers easy maintenance of the shower head.

Temperature Control
-Unit provides constant water temperature irregardless of water flow

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