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Philips PHILIPS M6601 Cordless Phone


Product Summary


Model Number: M6601

Key Features


High-contrast 4.6-cm (1.8") white-on-black graphical display

A high-contrast white-on-black reverse LCD display ensures easy reading and also melds perfectly with the Philips Luceo's overall sleek design language.
Calibrated keys for precise dialling
The calibrated and carefully designed keypad ensures precise dialling where you clearly feel every keystroke, whether you are dialling a number or entering a phonebook contact. Materials and key structures have undergone extensive user tests to find a perfect balance between pressing force and key response.

Zero power emission when ECO+ mode is activated

Philips phones are energy efficient and designed to be respectful to the environment. When ECO mode is activated the emitted radiation is reduced by up to 60%, and up to 95% when the phone is charging. With ECO+ mode activation the radiation drops to zero.
Handset speakerphone allows you to talk hands-free
Hands-free mode uses a built-in loudspeaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or simply multitask.

Charge handset either way around

For reliability and convenience the handset can be charged in both directions of the docking station.
HQ-Sound: high quality acoustic engineering for superb sound
HQ-Sound: high quality acoustic engineering for superb sound reproduction. We build upon decades of experience and breakthrough innovations in developing Hi-Fi audio products and high-end headphones to deliver excellent voice clarity on our DECT phones. When it comes to improving sound quality, our acoustics engineers and architects have thought of everything — high quality components, digital signal processing, precise acoustic design, advanced testing and fine-tuning. The result is sound that is crisp, clear and authentic. Sound so good and natural, it is almost like being there in person.

Privacy settings: call block, silence mode, call barring

Blacklist restricts calls from specific numbers or numbers starting with certain digits, keeping unwanted calls away. You can block 4 sets of numbers. Each set of numbers can consist of 1 to 24 digits. When there is an incoming call from a number starting with one of these numbers or from one of 4 exact Caller numbers, the phone will not ring. With silence mode you can disable the ringtones at specific times to enjoy peace and silence. Thanks to Call barring, you can avoid expensive phone bill surprises by blocking calls to specific numbers starting with certain digits.
Secondary display on the base shows caller ID and clock
The Philips Luceo's high-contrast white-on-black display seamlessly and stylishly integrates with its base. The display shows the caller ID when there is an incoming call and the time when in idle mode. You can choose to turn off the base display – so as not to be disturbed by any light – at any time.

Guiding side walls on the base ensure secure docking

The base of the Philips Luceo boasts cleverly designed side walls, which not only serve as an attractive design highlight but also helpfully guide the handset securely into place for docking and charging.
Three-field entries for assigning 3 numbers to one contact
These days most people have multiple contact numbers. Our contact list makes it easier for you to manage your phone contacts. Simply save three phone numbers for up to 100 contacts with a choice of three different field names for home, work and mobile.

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